TM38 Parts


Sorry, the parts on this page are not yet linked for direct viewing and purchase but  can be accessed by entering the required items part number (found below) into the store search.

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No.Part NumberDescription
1VM29/47Complete Starter Assembly
2VM38/153Nylon Ring
3 CW2=0310Screw With Lockwasher
4VM28/152Cable Connector
5VM20/369E-Ring For Jet Needle
66 Series6 Series Jet Needle
7832-43011-4.0Throttle Valve
9MIXBODYTM38Mixing Body
10VM38/132Screw, Jet Block
11VM34/274Washer (Alloy), Jet Block
12TM38/08Jet Block, Left
13TM38/09Jet Block, Right
14VM30/160Float Pin
15VM36/15Float Arm
17VM22/110Pilot Jet
18859-52020Float, Right Side
18859-52021Float, Right Side
19VM34/374Gasket, Float Chamber
20TM38/138Float Chamber
21 VM34/103Plate, Hose Retaining
22CW2=0516Screw With Lockwasher
23VM28/254O-Ring, Rubber
23a.4/053Fibre Washer (Old Brass Bung)
24VM28/253Drain Plug, Standard Alloy
24a.VM38/08Drain Plug, Optional Brass
30VM26/46Rubber Cap
30VM34/282Rubber Cap
31CW2=0412Screw With Lockwasher
32VM36/83Cable Adjuster
33B30/247Lock Nut, Cable Adjuster
34776-19001Mixing Chamber Top
35VM38/127Top Gasket
36730-16003Throttle Spring
37785-24001-Q-2Needle Jet
38TM34/36Ring, Main Jet
394/042Main Jet
40KV/10O-Ring Needle Valve Assy
41786-46001Needle Valve Assy.
42VM38/29Plate, Needle Valve
44888-24001Vent Hose
45VM38/126 Front Gasket