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Mikunioz is the official agent for Mikuni carbs Australia. Use our contact form or phone us to enquire. For Mikuni carburettors and all associated parts Mikunioz is your first port of call. We have over 25 years of experience and have a thorough and expert knowledge of Mikuni carbs. We supply Mikuni after market carbs Australia wide for Harley Davidson and all other motor cycles, jet skis and other applications.

IMPORTANT NOTICE on Carburetor Installation, Tuning and Repair

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold "As Is" for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in Locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.
Mikuni Carburetors should be replaced, repaired or tuned by the selling dealer, or a trained or qualified race mechanic.
Mikuni  or TD Hatrick & Co is not responsible for mechanical damage or personal injury caused by an improperly installed carburetor, operating conditions, or its installation and tuning by the vehicle manufacturer, dealer, mechanic or private individual.


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