HS40 Adapter Kit for fitting Custom CV or S&S Shorty Air-Cleaners

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This HS42/001-KS Mikuni TM40-6, HS40 Harley Davidson Air Intake Adapter kit is designed to allow the use of any custom air-cleaner that fits the stock Harley Davidson Kiehen CV carburettor or an S&S shorty. The Kit includes 1x spigot adapter sleeve and 1x HS42/001-K HSR air-cleaner adapter kit consisting of adapter, O-ring and 3x screws.

The adapter sleeve is made from silver anodized aluminum. This adapter sleeve has been designed and manufactured for a good interference fit over the Mikuni carburetor spigot. The air-cleaner adapter simply slips over the sleeve and seals with the supplied O-ring.

The spigot sleeve must be installed by a competent person.

It is recommended to carefully remove with a fine file any protruding castings found on some carburetor spigots before pressing on the new sleeve. When pressing on the sleeve we recommend the use of a high strength 620 Loctite retaining compound or high strength two pack epoxy. The adhesive besides helping bond both items together will fill and seal any imperfections found on some carburetor spigots and also acts a a slight lubricant for the fitment.

Some people may find moderate heating of the sleeve allows it to slide on easier.


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1 × HS42/001-K Mikuni HSR Adapter Kit- Harley CV & S&S air-cleaners

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1 × HS40 inlet spigot sleeve 55mm to 65mm to accommodate HSR Adapter

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