Mikuni HS40 Complete Harley Davidson Shovelhead Kit

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This Mikuni HS40 Complete Kit suits all Harley Davidson altinater model shovelhead engines using stock crakcases (for air-cleaner mounting).

The kit includes a Mikuni HSR40 40mm Carburetor with choke cable, a specially designed Mikuni 1/2″ drop down manifold for better tank clearance, heavy duty manifold to carb rubber mounting flange, choke cable securing bracket, some jets for tuning, a throttle cable set to suit stock to +2″ applications, plus a Mikuni 2″ wide K&N air-cleaner kit which mounts off the crankcase centre stud between the cylinders.

Mikunioz has re-released the HS40 kit due to customer demand from Harley Davidson owners who back in the day ran these great carburetors and today whilst still riding these older bikes, want that Mikuni increased smooth power and enhanced riding experience whilst not wanting to give all the engine components the work out delivered by the HSR42.  Impressive performance increases can be expected when replacing CV and other carbs with an even way more impressive gain if replacing an old OEM butterfly type Harley Davidson Keihin or Bendix carburetor.


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