Outlet Adapter Sleeve- Mikuni 40MM spigot to Honda 44mm-16mm Extension

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This Mikuni outlet adapter sleeve is for increasing the spigot diameter to 44mm on Mikuni RS 34 carburetors with a 16mm extension so as to match the OEM DOHC CB 1979-1983 stock carburetor length.

This  adapter sleeve comes with an anodized finish and has been designed and manufactured for a good interference fit over the Mikuni RS34 carburetor spigot.

This spigot must be installed by a competent person. It is recommended to carefully remove with a fine file any protruding castings found on some carburetor spigots before pressing on the new sleeve.  When tapping on the sleeve with a nylon hammer,  we recommend the use of a high strength 620 Loctite retaining compound and primer. The adhesive besides helping bond both items together will fill and seal any imperfections found on some carburetor spigots and also acts a a slight lubricant for the fitment.


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