TM42/11 pump Nozzle for Mikuni HSR TM42 / 45/ 48 carbs

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Choose the nozzle size from the sales drop down sales list. This item fits the version of these carburetors sold on this site but may not match those on many similar but slightly different versions of the same size carburetors made specially by the Mikuni factory for OEM motorcycle manufacturers. The Mikunioz back board with 1 and 10mm increments may help you with identification but if it doesn’t match up, it wont and if in doubt please call our office before ordering.

The size 70 is stock for the HSR carbs when used as a Harley Davidson BigTwin carb

The size 60 is stock for the HSR Harley Davidson Sportster carbs or in some Bigtwins when suffering from over fueling or wanting to improve fuel economy.

The size 50 is used some in Suzuki DR650, and other engines.

Size 40 is a option made here for Mikunioz if wanting some middle ground between the 30 and 50 in a custom application.

The size 30 is a non-genuine nozzle made specially for Mikunioz for fitment to the TM42-6 when used on KLX 650’s and Honda XR600 and 650 engines along with most big singles or multi carb applications. This nozzle will also provide even better fuel economy when used on other Big Singles.

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Nozzle size

30, 40, 50, 60, 70

1 review for TM42/11 pump Nozzle for Mikuni HSR TM42 / 45/ 48 carbs

  1. nathan fama

    almost a 1 1/2 years after buying this Mikuni 42 from local USA supplier XXX XXXX(what a joke), no thanks to them, it’s finally running like it should. It’s running so strong, I feel like I need another gear.,,,,,,,,,kick ass! It’s been a long hard, as well as labor intensive ride and wouldn’t have been possible without the aid of Mikuni OZ.

    The only reason I could make this carb work on my 2002 XR650L is because of Mikuni OZ and their recommendation for replacing the 50 pump nozzle with a size 30 pump nozzle. Once I exchanged nozzles($12 from their store on Amazon USA), the carb responded markedly different. Strong all the way through all five gears. After all this time, I thought it would never happen, and it probably wouldn’t have but for the Aussies’ help>

    Anyway, the golden settings for me are as follows:

    147.5 main

    27.5 pilot

    30 pump nozzle

    97 needle…..clip in top notch(leanest setting)

    air screw 1 3/4 turns out

    pump arm set to open with throttle opening and off at 3/4 throttle.

    Unlike XXX XXXX, Mikuni OZ sells the 42mm especially set up for the Honda and Kawi and are there to help for real.

    thanks, Nathan

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